CIA Black Operations Unit?…..

Cheaper Gas… Or Just Larger Profits For Big Oil?

A Sobering Look At Drug Addiction

If there was no money to be made from the drug trade….Would we have less people suffering from addiction?

During Vietnam there was a surge in heroin addiction. U. S. military transports would carry home dead soldiers to be properly honored and buried, but these transports were also carrying contraband. “Plastic- wrapped drugs were shipped into the United States in the bottom of caskets, in body bags, and even in body cavities. Upon arrival at Air Force bases, and especially Travis Air Force Base in California, the drugs would be removed from the caskets and bodies that were identified by secret codes.” (Rodney Stich, “Drugging America” p.4). We’ve been in Afghanistan since 2001, and that part of the world produces the majority of opium that is used to make heroin etc. Coincidence?….

8 Myths About America

“Quiet Skies” : TSA Domestic Surveillance

Robot Revolution

Humans will become obsolete if this continues….

Bill Binney: NSA Whistleblower

A Conspiracy to subvert the U.S. Government………

Chinese Spy Working For Dianne Feinstein

Her driver…….of 20 years….

Assassination Attempt?!

Buzz Aldrin Talks About Moon Landing

We didn’t go?!……


Just like in Terminator II….

Walmart Robots

U.N. Ambassador for Aliens

Who knew?! …..

Massive Scheme to Silence Independent Media Online

George Soros, Bill Gates, The Ford Foundation, and Google are all at it again….Surprise surprise……

2008: The Year Man – Made Global Warming Was Disproved