It’s Poison……..

Fluoride Deception

Dr. Robert Willner: “Deadly Deception”

Cancer Is a Fungus (Candida): Preventive Care Is Deathcare

Just click on the video even if it looks like YouTube erased it…..YouTube is continuing to censor everything…..

Bottled Water

Silent Epidemic

Don’t inject yourself with more poison…..

Every Cancer Can Be Cured in Weeks: Dr. Leonard Coldwell

HIV – AIDS: The Greatest Lie of the 21st Century

The AIDS Myth Unraveled

The Great Culling

Direct Order: Anthrax Vaccinations

Retired Hospital Worker Gives Flu Shot Speech

Ex Pharma Exec Gives Explosive Speech on Vaccines Before CDC Committee

The Pseudoscience of Vaccines


Medical Tyranny at its best…..